医博为了尊位的方便,所以建设了事先上载咨询功能。如果您希望将尊位的电脑或零件提送到本公司,您可以事先上载您所面临的问题 线上会有个设定号码,摘下号码到了本公司后告诉服务生就好。 诺想要接下来[停暂转交 服务],尊为可以从这里的服务器摘下号码,到了公司前拨号016 551 2301 要求服务生为您提交 暂停车,提交尊物,报上摘下号码。这样子尊位的电脑或零件提送就轻松的交到我们的手上。待而维修安好,本公司就会联系尊位前来。

EBOARD wish to create a simple & use friendly program to let your upload your computer problem before your entry to our service, It’s show the number which the information your upload, write down the number service, feedback the number to our technician while your deliver goods entry for service.

Dear our value guests, you can choose drive true, drop by with pick up service . Give a call 016 551 2301 to ask permission with our customer service while your drive true in front of our Office, just drop by & pick up your goods to our technician with your service number. We will get back to you shortly while your goods done.

  • Maintenance Server and Desktop PC Contract.
  • Disaster Recovery & Mirroring Services.
  • Standard Software Development and Distribution.
  • Various Industries Computerization Consulting.
  • Professional Networking Solutions Provider.
  • CCTV.
  • Computer Hardware , Software and Accessories.
  • Broadband.
  • Web Hosting for Linux and Windows Base Server.
  • Domain Name registration services (Local & International).
  • Server Co-location and Rack Space solutions.
  • Corporate E-mail Hosting services.
  • Web Application (Web Design).
  • Partnership Program.
  • Original, Compatible, refill for Ink, ribbon & Toner Cartridges.
  • Specification security Hotel Hotspot Wi-Fi system.